In Other News I Think I Just Got The Most Problematic Cuckolding Call Ever (TW Racism, transmisogyny, homophobia)

White cuckold dude wants his wife to be fucked  by a black trans woman who will make her into a “BBC loving lesbian”.

…except he used a slur instead of black and a slur instead of trans woman… and instead of lesbian.  I feel like I just won problematic fetish bingo and also really sad.

Is there an organization that benefits trans women of color I can donate some of this dickhead’s money to?


Niteflirt is contacting the authorities regarding the possible child molester

I hope they catch him.  I asked them to update me on the case as time goes on.

Other NF operators: Niteflirt does take customer’s talk of child abuse seriously and will contact the authorities for you.  If you hear about that sort of thing or other violent behavior (for example a desire to commit rape, murder, etc) please contact them 

I wonder if I should report the guy who was telling me about his experience with bestiality… I wasn’t sure I believed him but on the other hand..


I was always told you can’t mix Greek and Latin…


by who? i mean. the romans mixed greek and latin a great deal. that’s how language works. rules like that are basically ignoring the history of language – which is that origins mix, words are made from a variety of sources, and that whatever “rules” exist are bound to change. thats kind of why language is so fun, it’s really limitless.

A couple of social studies and English teachers…