Consent Doesn’t Have To Be Sexy (You Still Have To Have It) But It Can Be REALLY Fucking Sexy


Cause like 

“I’m not going to fuck you till you beg me” or “If you want my cock you have to admit just how badly you need to be fucked” or “If you want me to fuck you, you’re going to have to lick my fucking boots first” etc  

Are like *eyes rolled back in head* hot.  Demand a clear yes before you fuck me, threaten to not fuck me if I don’t tell you just how badly I want it.  

How is that not the sexiest thing ever?

Make me work for it


Next time you get a “tumblr/facebook questionnaire” asking you to work out your porn star name or something, remember this…




Your mother’s maiden name, the name of your first pet, your birthday and the first street you grew up on are usually the same fields used for password security reset questions

Stay Frosty

Fuck y’all. Good looking out

oh my god


(T.W. Rape) Also If People Don’t Expect You To Fight Off A Mugger Who Might Kill Or Injure You If You Don’t Cooperate, How Can Anyone Expect You To Fight Off A Rapist Who Is Also Likely to Kill or Injure You If You Don’t Cooperate?

Just saying there’s a real “it’s better to be dead than have been a victim of rape” thing in culture.

Usually the sensible thing to do is give the mugger your wallet, that’s what’ll keep you alive, so how come people still think you weren’t “really” raped unless you fought back?

I’m not saying to lay back and take it, but I’m saying that as a society we treat women’s “purity” as more valuable than their lives.


I’m Really Interested In Doing Some Male Dom Photos That Take Inspiration From Fem Dom

Cause the iconography of femdom BDSM imagery is really interesting, like it’s about “female dominance” but it’s stuff created by a misogynistic/patriarchal society and so the images are kind of a fascinating way of looking at how society sees female power, and how female power is eroticized by men.

I’m interested in flipping that, and making images of male doms doing similar things, and posing, and dressed and presented similarly.

It should have some interesting results.