Nowhere Are Cultural Attitudes About Male Attention More Evident Than In The Way Gangbang Porn Is Treated


A gang bang is supposed to be violent, humiliating, and yet it’s also a thing where one woman is getting serviced by a huge crowed of men.

Personally getting my needs attended to by ten or so hand selected gorgeous men in turn (or at once) seems awesome, and potentially ego boosting.

But men seem to believe that receiving penetration is inherently degrading and so women who like to be penetrated and gay bottoms are seen as inherently lesser for liking this “degrading” thing

I’m saying it’s weird how we view penetration as inherently degrading, when the reverse situation (a dude getting serviced by a bunch of ladies) is all about how happy and pleased the dude is and gang bangs are all about “fuck that bitch and make her really upset” instead of “That bitch is receiving levels of cosmic ecstasy so intense she’s discovered the deep secrets of the universe”

Men seem to believe that having sex with men is somehow inherently violating and unpleasant, something that takes something from the woman and gives something to the man.


Madeira Goes To A Party, Recognizes no one from their facebook photos, also recognizes almost no one to whom she’s been introduced multiple times

My facial recognition abilities are so shitty and in combination with my inability to ever remember anyone’s name, I’m just up the creek without a paddle.  This would also explain why I only like how I look with 75lbs of makeup on, because then and only then do I see a face.  That said I had a lot of fun, and everyone was lovely.


Men and women differ in their language patterns; for example, research suggests that men interrupt women more than women do men (a finding that surprises most men but not most women).

Analyzing English Grammar,  Klammer, Schulz, & Della Volpe, p. 21

you guys my grammar book is sassy

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But I would also emphasize that no man is BORN with a greater tendency toward interrupting women when they speak, nor is any woman born with innate shyness. This is all taught.

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and omg if you interrupt a d00dbro, be prepared to feel the wrath of his male tears

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