Wisdom of The Hidden Realms Oracle Review

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The Queen Of Cups

I’ve been wanting to write a thing on this card for awhile (and also I’ve decided screw writing about all the cards in nice tidy order, that’s not me, that’s not who I am, and so I’m just going to be authentic to myself and do it my way)

So this is very much the “me” card.  I’m going to start this with the Queen of Hearts from the Enchanted Tarot (hearts = cups in the enchanted tarot) because it’s one of the decks I use most and honestly like I feel personally attacked by the card description in the guidebook.


So yeah, that’s her, that’s me.  The Queen of Cups is Water of Water, she is all about emotions, and relationships.  She’s a caretaker, and an aesthete, maybe a little dreamy but unless she’s in her shadow aspect she’s not out of touch with reality.  She’s very present.  Perhaps not always the most practical, prizing fluidity and improvisation over rigid planning, but she’s damned good at making it work.  

She’s willing to suffer for beauty, and for the sake of others and must remember not to be too self-sacrificing, and occasionally to think practically.  It’s also important for cups based people to make sure to express themselves and not let their day dreamy natures turn too heavily to inaction.

That said, when roused (especially by the need to protect loved ones) the Queen of Cups can be as terrifying as a stormy sea, but as long as you don’t mess with her loved ones, she’s a sweet, tenderhearted lady, and great to have on your side.

When she shows up in a reading it can indicate that you need to get in touch with your emotions, and work on achieving a calm, balanced way of dealing with your emotional life and close relationships.

As much as she may be prone to meddling, the queen of cups usually meddles good and is a force to be reckoned with, so learn from her, use her energy and her power.


Had Some Interesting Readings Today

Two different romance ones about ex-boyfriends of querents. Both were positive in their own unique ways, and it was a pleasure to do.  I got to use Ciro Marchetti’s beautiful oracle of visions for one reading and I have to say that deck really gives powerful messages that cut straight to the heart of things.  I really do love getting to do romance readings.