Also Dear Fellow White People:



Let’s remember that the hyper-competent black woman who never gets a romance storyline and carries all the white people on her team, is not a progressively written character.  The trope exists to justify the centuries old bullshit of treating black women like unlovable beasts of burden while white women get to be treasured decorative objects to be protected (which is a better position, don’t lie, like it’s not ‘actual person’ good, but it’s a biiiig step up.)

Like she’s cool and she’s a badass, but she deserves to get to be vulnerable, and treasured and loved and not treated like an expendable resource rather than a lovable and valued human being.

Isn’t that just a slightly evolved version of the mammy stereotype

I believe it’s sort of a cross between the mammy stereotype and the Sapphire stereotype, but I may be entirely wrong, but like Tara from TrueBlood does a ton of emotional labor but is also portrayed as angry and “difficult” even though her anger is very justified.


You mentioned before that some of your family members have gone through depression. Has anything been particularly helpful? I have extreme chronic depression that I’ve never gotten effective help for and will try damn near anything at this desperate point.

My dad and grandmother both found Zoloft to be very helpful, my brother liked Wellbutrin for a few years, and then stopped taking meds after he took up smoking which seems to have really helped with the depression, but I do worry about his health.  


I’m kinda the same way like, I think it’s kinda precocious of us to presume to know what the next society is when the conflicts of the next society will be as foreign to us as the conflicts of democratic politics were to those in feudal europe. It’s just how we get to it IMO. Which doesn’t make it any easier. Also you are cool and my friend has a crush on you

Yeah, I’m pretty much like “Labor unions are pretty cool” and like “I don’t trust representative democracy, but direct democracy sounds maybe pretty good possibly” and “if it could be like Star Trek with better art direction I’d be cool with that” also tell your friend I say thank you


IDK What My Politics Even Are Really Like… I’m a “capitalism provably doesn’t work”ist and like a “Stalinism was bad”ist… and like maybe I’m a Marxist, maybe I’m an Anarcho-commie, maybe I’m a syndicalist, maybe I’m some other thing.

I like unions a lot?

Um?  I’ve read theory and am still like “these things all sound pretty good compared to this current thing, but I am not sure which is the most practical way to achieve my goal of a post scarcity society”

Maybe I’m a mere-communist, the way that asshat who wrote the Narnia books was into “mere christianity”

I kinda am not that into vanguardism?  Um? 

Maybe I need my own tendency which is like “evidence based policy after we eliminate capitalism and radically alter legal codes about ownership”