u can say ‘ppl suck’ and a flurry of people dont start crying and yelling ‘we’re not all like that!’ that is a given. but if u say ‘cis people suck’ clearly you mean every single cis person on the planet


On People Falling In Love With Me

You know, one thing I’ve learned being in my line of work is that it’s very easy to make people fall in love with you, listen to them a little, let them cry on your shoulder a little, and don’t let them know too much about what you’re really like, that last bit is optional, because they’re not going to listen to you anyway.

What’s rare is not having people fall in love with you, what’s rare is people falling in love with you, and loving you and not some pre-conceived fantasy of the sort of person they’d like to love, that they’ve managed to slip you into.

It’s rare that someone falls in love with YOU and isn’t using you as a placeholder for whatever notion of you they’ve been building in their mind.