I Gotta Say

I’m really glad how deeply chill I am about sex, it’s really emotionally intense and involved for a lot of people and for me at this point a shtup is a shtup, and I mean it can be a profound act of intimacy and overwhelming transcendent experience, an act of the most complete love and trust between people possible but also it can just be, you know, a shtup, and that doesn’t even mean the sex was bad, just you know, didn’t see the lights of Andromeda when I came, didn’t feel souls connect and earth move, but I can still have come really fucking hard.

The casual sex I’ve had in my life, has usually been pretty good, the “deeply in love” sex has varied wildly, with D it is that earth shaking, soul poking, holy-shit-I-just-saw-god type of thing, but that’s not the only way to have sex, and frankly, being chill about it has made me a lot more loving and appreciative as a partner.


Goals for 2015:

  1. Smash the patriarchy
  2. Stop getting mad at people for misunderstanding the second law of thermodynamics
  3. Try to be nicer to creationists if they’re well meaning, but mostly just particularly focus on not yelling at them about the second law.
  4. Start a sex workers industrial union
  5. Become drunk with power
  6. Abolish the police
  7. More perfume
  8. More dresses
  9. More plastic surgery and tightlacing
  10. If I can’t abolish capitalism I’d like to earn more money so I can at least do well within the system, but ideally abolish capitalism
  11. Finish “Gimme Danger: An Artemis Grey Mystery” and Mother (a horror story)

Goals for 2016:

  1. Get fertilized egg to attach itself to wall of my uterus
  2. TBA

Goals for 2017:

  1. Push human head out of vagina, after that the rest of the human will be easy
  2. Begin raising tiny human to eventually take over world, but without being too obvious about what I’m up to