i still read ACAB as “assigned cop at birth”

I can’t help but see:


So would you consider yourself a communist?

Ehhhhh, I wouldn’t consider myself a doctrinaire anything.  I’m like a generalized “Capitalism isn’t working”-ist.

Like I’ve got time for a lot of communist thought, time for a lo of anarcho-communist thought, and syndicalist thought, but mostly I’m like “Okay, theory is cool, but it’s theory, I want to see it put in place so we can see what it does and if it works”

I’m a “Trial and error”-ist/”Let’s test economic systems until we find one that functions”-ist.

Basically, my plan is:

Step 1: Abolish capitalism

Step 2: Try shit until we figure out what system results in the fewest possible people living in dire poverty, keep adjusting until we eradicate poverty and everyone can have luxuries as well as basic necessities.

Step 3: Space travel





“Not All Men”

Ok but how many of these so called Not Bad Men are actually just secretly trans women getting ready to come out?

Food for thought

yeah, when i get into an argument with one of these guys i usually send them a message like “you know you might be a girl right” ive converted like seven. im not kidding :3

This is a good success rate, please continue ❤

Whenever one of my clients is actually nice I’m like “Let me guess, closeted trans lady?” and 9 times out of 10 I’m like “CALLED IT”


You are probably my favorite blogger who I’ve been following as long as I can remember, and you and D are on the level that I’d love to be on when I eventually get married. Keep it up!

That is so sweet!

Right now I’m listening to “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” and procrastinating about going out to buy 4 pounds of meat.  D loves me no matter how much I do shit like this… and that ladies, gents, other fine people, is love.