Wisdom of The Hidden Realms Oracle Review

I think I’m pretty funny


Actually One Thing That Bugs Me About A Lot of Tumblr Witch-y Stuff In General is The Way They Focus Only On Correspondences

And pay no attention to the physical properties of a given ingredient a lot of the time, like I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen people telling you to put citrus oils or citrus juice in beauty spells and considering how absolutely AWFUL citrus is for the skin (citrus oils are also known to be particularly bad photosensitizers.) you really don’t want to use these in beauty spells that are applied to the skin in large areas.

Similarly, the thing with perfume the other day where it’s put in direct sunlight which is terrible for the perfume itself is just a great way to ruin your spell components.

Also I’ve seen more than a few tumblr witches recommend peppermint for an upset stomach which can be good (for gas, IBS and some other conditions) or bad (for acid reflux, or heart burn).

Basically, I wish tumblr witches would pay more attention to the physical properties of their ingredients as well as the metaphorical correspondences useful in sympathetic magic.  You need a synthesis of the two for a good spell.  Make sure you’re not harming what you’re trying to help and try using components in other ways if they turn out not to work well in a given context.