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Genesis P-Orridge, singer of the band Psychic TV, speaks about romantic, unconditional love [pandrogyny and being exdream] and gives advice how we can overcome the fear of dependency and failure in relationships. The interview took place on September, 19th, one day before the Psychic TV gig in Berlin.

“some people feel like a woman trapped in a mans body, some people feel like a man trapped in a womans body, the pandrogyne feels trapped in a body.”

Do Remember That What Rots Returns, Dears.

You can have your triple goddess Maiden/Mother/Crone or Mother/Maiden/Crone (like father/son/holy ghost) but there is also Death/Decay/Birth and that is why fertility and danger are so often connected and why there is a certain connection between “corruption” and sexuality.  It is not that there is anything truly corrupt in sex, it is merely that they are mirror images of one another place in the cycle.

What becomes still bursts again back into vivid life, what lives must slow and become still so it may return.  Rot is what makes soil rich and fertile.

Image: Oracle of Oddities from the Modern Mystic Store

Developing A Magical System


Based on the idea that there are three queens who represent the fundamental nature of things, the white queen, or the celestial, the red queen or the earthly, and the black queen or the chthonic/subterranean, and some sex magic ideas about how a couple can embody any two and summon the third.  It borrows elements from alchemical thought and other places.

The Queens are not gendered beings, they are however feminine beings (which you might find unsurprising if you know my personal worldview and beliefs about masculinity as a concept)

Red is sort of the human and material, the white is sort of like… the celestial, brightness but also a kind of severity, orderliness of the square type shapes and neat rows kind, the kind of order that is conceived easily by a human mind (so like alphabetization, lists of rules) certain types of the divine, black is the chthonic, order that is difficult for humans to conceive of  (like the elaborate complex workings of nature, the functioning of entire societies) other types of the divine

Or red is consciousness, white is perception, black is all-encompassing complex reality beyond individual comprehension

Additionally white is the presence of all light but the absence of all pigment, black is the presence of all pigment but the absence of all light and red is the presence of both pigment and light but not all of either