Also I think something’s gone really wrong with our way of working and exercising

Both are a punishment, a horrid means to a desirable end. This way of doing things is unsustainable and soul destroying. Like running really fast when it’s not an emotionally fraught and self flagellatory experience is fun, it’s like being on a ride and also like stretching when you’re stiff. It feels good. But instead of running for the joy of it, or skipping rope to amusing chants or trying to roll a snow ball bigger than we are, our approach to physical activity is to go to a grey place and hate ourselves for failing to attain the rock hard abs that we see as virtue, by performing dull repetitive unpleasant actions that may be the most efficient way to attain the result but suck all the pleasure from movement just as capitalism sucks all the joy from work. If we did not make our value dependent on on working or exercise we would simply tend to do these things for the joy of them. If we did not almost purposely make these experiences grey and miserable they would return to their natural tendency to be pleasurable


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